Description of wines February 2014


Rosé Nessa 2013 – 12% alc
A bright pink colour with shades of purple that denote the flavours of strawberries, gooseberries and other field berries.
On the palate, it is light, easy to drink evoking strawberry and citrus.
For a nice hot summer day drink, a festive wine to accompany many fine cheeses.
Grape variety: Seyval black and Ste-Croix
Semi sweet
Serving temperature 8 – 10 c.

Bressoc White 2014 – 12% alc
Of a very bright light yellow colour, this blended wine of four grape varieties is an olfactory explosion of litchi and herbaceous plants such as chamomile and dried flowers.
A very round palate with tastes of peach and litchis, this wine is nicely balanced.
This wine goes well with poultry and fish, crustaceans and even some deserts.
As an aperitif wine or as a diner wine.
An explosion of flavour from beginning to end without losing any of its freshness.
Grape variety: Ste-Croix, Vandal Cliché, Vidal, St-Pepin.
Semi sweet
Serving temperature 8 – 10 c.

Bressoc Red 2011 - 12% alc
This ruby red wine evokes a woody fragrance of black cherries and chocolate.
In the mouth, it is a balanced and woody wine with a hint of berries, cherries and licorice.
A perfect marriage with pasta, poultry, stews and cheeses.
Grape variety: Ste-Croix
Semi sweet
Serving temperature 14-16 c.

Mackenzie Parker 2012 – 12% alc
With a deep garnet with orange highlights.
This woody wine opens with aromas of black fruit, candied berry and flowers.
Refined taste, melting on the palate with a milky flavor
This wine will best accompany pasta’s, beef and cheeses
Aged in Oak Barrels 26 months
Grape variety: Ste-Croix
Serving temperature 12-15c.

Voilà – Sweet Red 2008 – 14% alc
This wine is a bull-blood almost opaque red.
Its fragrance of liquorice and pepper port will delight you.
In the mouth, it is honest and well-balanced reminiscent of fresh black pepper and cherries.
This wine is best enjoyed with a good blue cheese, red meats, chocolate, as well as an aperitif or digestive.
Grape variety: Ste-Croix
Serving temperature 10 – 12 c.

Gavin – Late Harvest 2012 – 9% alc
A subtle chamomile yellow.
A late harvest of floral aromas with a touch of lily evoking autumn.
This harvest's subtleties will charm you with its well-balanced taste of honey and citrus.
This wine will best accompany desserts, cheeses, ice creams and sorbets.
Grape variety: Vidal
Serving temperature 6 – 8 c.