Our Team

Immerse yourself in the day to day world of a dedicated and passionate team, determined to create exceptional and captivating wine. Guided by their love for grape growing and art of the winemaking, each of our team members work together with keeping in mind the aim of capturing the essence of the terroir in each bottle.

Richard Bresee


Richard’s childhood dream was to become a farmer. The adventure began in 1997 and he soon realized that he had a real passion for the creation of unique, balanced and tasty wines.

You will either find Richard in a row pruning the vines, at the vineyard transforming the grapes or even at the entrance of the estate to welcome you personally. Proud father of 4 children, Richard conciliates career, family and love of winemaking. This is what here at the Vineyard, we  call the art of investing the heart and soul into culture.

Nathalie Lamoureux


Nathalie studied in the agricultural sector. Her background in research and development, her skills in marketing and management along with her natural sparkling personality are unique and valuable assets to our team! With more than 15 years of experience in vine growing, fruit processing and marketing, her main focus remains on offering quality and balance in our wines while ensuring a personalized welcome for customers. 

Sylvie Bernard


As you walk through our door, Sylvie is there to greet you with your first « HELLO! ".  Her background acquired at the Brome-Missisquoi Hospital Foundation, enabled her to put forward her constructive ideas and leadership allowing her to help customers perfect their knowledge of the wine and the region. She will share her experience with you during a wonderful tasting.

Carlos Armando Sanum Coc


Coming from Guatemala, Carlos has been working with us at the Vineyard since 2023. He's a  pruning expert and loves to learn more about vines every day. If you get the chance to pass by him, you'll immediately see his glowing smile. Always ready to help, Carlos provides assistance and expertise to our team from April to December, he contributes to the vine cultivation and vineyard maintenance.

Céline Thivierge


In 2007, Céline joined the spring and fall workers team. She’s a little tiny woman who on her own can move mountains. Thanks to her, the vines are blessed and carefully pruned in order to produce optimally over the years. She is our cheerful, lively, co-worker and our sweet cook !

Quin de la Mare


Faithful family friend since early childhood, Quin started working in the vineyard at the age of 18. He deserted the nest for a while to strike out on his own but is now coming home. He gradually realized that the love for people and the passion for wine are too strong to be put aside. This dedicated and generous young man will draw you into his passion and have you discover the wine in all of its possible colors.


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