Our Story

Richard, the owner, is a proud descendant of a long line of farmers. The love of the land has been flowing through his veins since early childhood.

In 1997 he bought the vacant, undeveloped land of 255 acres (103 hectares) on which he had so much fun discovering throughout his childhood expeditions.

The outline of a big and beautiful dream was taking shape. The dream was to revitalize the land and prepare it to receive the first vines in 2001.The primary goal was never to produce wines but only to cultivate and sell the harvest to local producers. But life is unpredictable and following his instinct, despite the pitfalls and the twists and turns, he decided to transform the fruit of his labor into divine wines! Since 2007, the grapes have been grown, harvested and processed directly on the site and the wines are sold at Domaine Bresee’s boutique and in various points of sale in Quebec.


Years of passion


Hectares of Vines




Annual Production in Bottles


Discover Domine Bresee through a captivating timeline, retracing the significant moments in its winemaking history, from its most modest beginnings to the current achievements.



Before you even decide to cultivate a parcel of land you need to invest a lot of tender loving care. So from 1997 to 2000, the land was worked to refine the slopes, enrich the soil, install a drainage system and prepare the surface for planting.



It can take up to three years before obtaining a first reasonable harvest, and still, it will be far from reflecting the full production potential of the plant. A few more years will be necessary to obtain optimal yield.

2006 & 2017


The Vineyard completes its plantations. 25 000 vines are planted on eight acres thus allowing the development of  “from the vine to your glass”! The grape varieties used for white wine are Frontenac Blanc, Vandal-Cliche and Vidal, while for red, we use St.Croix, Seyval noir, Mireille and Frontenac Noir. Rosé wine, for its part, can be made from several of these grape varieties.

2019 à 2023


The now mature vines produce more each year. It therefore becomes essential to optimize the equipment. An automated bottling line allowing production to be increased to 1,500 bottles/hour and a grape harvester which harvests at the optimal time are acquired for better efficiency while focusing on quality.

2022 à 2023


In order to satisfy the evolving tastes of the clientele, Chardonnay vines are planted. As to enable the fulfillment of our values, we obtain Eco Responsible Certification (delivered by Écocert Canada). To find out more, consult our Sustainable Development Policy.

Our values


Colleagues, customers, as well as partners are the true driving force of the Vineyard. With sincere concern for them, Domaine Bresee values their authenticity by creating a healthy environment conducive to personal development.


Through his convictions, Domaine Bresee is responsible for generating lasting results. Everyone can create a concrete impact by taking thoughtful and innovative actions, at home, with friends and at work.


In complete simplicity from the vine to your glass. Any questions ? Domaine Bresee’s Team is here to answer any of them directly.


In complete simplicity from the vines to your glass. Any questions? Domaine Bresee's Team is here to answer any of them directly.

Awards and Accolades


Rosé Nessa

All Canadian Wine Championships : Silver

Bressoc Rouge

Coupe des Nations : Silver


Bressoc Blanc

Coupe des Nations : Silver

Bressoc Rouge

Coupe des Nations : Gold


Coupe des Nations : Silver


Bressoc Blanc

All Canadian Wine Championships : Bronze


Rosé Nessa

Coupe des Nations : Gold


Bressoc Blanc

Coupe des Nations : Silver


Coupe des Nations : Silver


Best "Coup de cœur", Red Wine category at the Magog Harvest Festival, awarded by Jessica Harnois, Sommelier

Réserve Mackenzie-Parker

Best "Coup de cœur", Red Wine category at the Magog Harvest Festival, awarded by Jessica Harnois, Sommelier

Testimonials & comments

Serge Leduc

Sommelier, Wine Educator, and Wine Columnist

During my visit, the welcome was incredibly warm. I had the opportunity to take a complete tour of the facilities, including the barrel cellar. I must admit I was impressed by the new bottling machine! Following the tour, I was able to taste the result of their work. I was impressed by the quality of all the wines. They produce three red wines, one white wine, and a rosé, complemented by a late harvest and a fortified wine (Port-style). By limiting themselves to producing 7 wines, they are able to take the time to achieve excellent results for each of them. I particularly enjoyed the Bressoc white and the Mackenzie Parker Cuvee, as well as the reserve cuvée. A very impressive job. Congratulations to the entire team.

January 14th 2024

Kévune M.

What a great vineyard, fantastic product, and wonderful owner! We were given a tour of the machinery. Richard accompanied us throughout the tasting. Such a delightful experience! His products were incredible. I don't usually leave reviews, but this was my best experience yet!

September 2023